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Our first class professionals provide a full end to end service of design, installation, operation and maintenance


Our Experience

We are an accredited contractor for the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) undertaking design and installation of electricity supply connections as an Independent Connections Provider (ICP) to Distribution Network Operators and Independent Distribution Network Operator HV networks.

HV Design and Build

We have built strong, long-term relationships with network customers in all market sectors. By combining skills and expertise, we are at the centre of large and small HV infrastructure projects and network upgrades. Our team of dedicated HV designers use the latest design software and work closely with our engineers to deliver robust solutions.

With national reach and authorisation to work with 11, 33 and 132kV networks. Our customers include hospitals, utilities, MOD, petrochemical and renewable generation companies, ensuring their networks operate safely and efficiently with minimal supply interruptions.

Upgrade and Energy Efficiency

Before embarking on any network or transformer upgrade, we take time to build a comprehensive understanding of your future energy requirements. We will consult on the strength of your resilience, as well as opportunities to reduce consumption and emissions. The UK has an ageing HV network, with which comes a growing threat to electricity supply and energy inefficiencies. We work with the industry’s leading manufacturers to bring cutting-edge, energy-efficient technology to customers. Our project managers are experienced to deliver complex or simple HV upgrades with minimal interruption to the sites power.

HV and EHV Cabling

We provide the full EMPC (engineering, procurement and maintenance contract) service including jointing for specialist OEM cables. Our HV and EHV specialists are accustomed to overcoming challenges using the latest techniques and innovation. Where applicable, we will use cable plough installation and horizontal directional drilling, often avoiding the need for open cut trenching and reducing environmental impact and increasing efficiency.

Asset Stewardship

Asset Stewardship is a coherent approach to understanding, managing, and optimising your energy assets for your current and future needs. It involves a systematic and coordinated set of activities and practices that aim to deliver the following benefits: 

  • Increased efficiency and performance of assets  
  • Compliance with health, safety, and environment regulations 
  • Reduced carbon footprint  
  • Reduced reactive maintenance costs  
  • Extended and optimised asset lifecycles and reduced whole lifecycle costs 
  • Availability of data to fully support asset management decisions 

All of the above lead to the overall goal of ensuring energy resilience and reliability whilst allowing you to achieve your sustainability goals.  

At Enerveo we can support your energy assets by providing you with asset management strategy, criticality modelling of assets and components, designs for the future and of course a whole life approach.

We support HV network safety and resilience with 24-hour emergency response. We are at the heart of business continuity, connecting even remote wind farms to the network. Reinforced by a control centre, we have operational control of Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNO) and private HV networks, using the latest Electricity Network Management and Control (ENMAC) software.

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What we do

Our customers trust us to deliver the broadest range of high-voltage (HV) services. We harness our engineering experience and heritage gained over the years to shape our future and provide the assurance needed when designing and building energy infrastructure.

Our Services

We offer a full turnkey solution for the HV market, including:

HV engineering
Independent Connections Provider (ICP)
Digital asset monitoring

Our Sectors

Renewable generation break out into sub sectors, Storage, Solar Bio, and Wind
New Sector Grid Connections
Data centres
Electric vehicles
Distribution networks

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