Procurement Policy

1.  Introduction 

Procurement Policy (PO-CG-012) 


Enerveo is committed to operating ethically, sustainably and within the law in its procurement of all goods, work and  services from its external sources. 

1.  Objectives 

1.1.1. Sustainable Supply Chain 

1.1.2. Procurement Authority Levels 

1.1.3. Information Security and Data Protection 

1.1.4. People 

1.1.5. Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Suspect Items 

1.1.6. Safety, Health, Environment (SHE) 

1.1.7. Corporate Social Responsibility 

2.  This will be achieved by: 

2.1.1. Governance 

2.1.2. Communication and Training 

  1. Strategic sourcing processes which are available to all Procurement and Commercial Staff; and
  2. 2. An annual Procurement training needs analysis and individual development 

3.  Responsibilities