Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

We’re helping organisations across the UK reduce the environmental impact of their transport infrastructure by enabling Electric Vehicle charging.


Our Experience

As one of the UK’s leading electrical contractors, we operate in all the principal sectors of the EV market. We are helping both public and private transport to reduce their environmental impact by building the infrastructure that enables EV charging.

Our experts will guide you from initial feasibility studies, through design and installation up to the operation and maintenance of your chosen scheme. As main contractor, we will lead the delivery of your scheme with our selected partners.

Public Transport

Enerveo boasts an experienced, nationwide team of electrical engineers, working for both national and regional electric vehicle operators. Our ability to build, own, operate and maintain electrical vehicle infrastructure makes us the partner of choice for supporting the electrification of public transport. We have played a major role in delivering bus charging infrastructure for major cities in the UK, including London.

Private and Public Fleet

Our team is leading the electrification of vehicle fleets in both the private and public sector, including everything from e-Taxis to freight and logistics fleets. Whether you have your own fleet of electric vehicles, or simply want to provide recharging facilities for your staff, Enerveo can design, build, operate, and maintain the equipment. As accelerating society towards Net Zero is a core part of Enerveo’s values, we are best positioned to help reduce your consumption through the latest products, techniques, and services.

Public Charging Services

Enerveo leads the establishment and operation of public charge point schemes. We have installed almost 400 public and workplace electric vehicle charging points across the UK to date. This includes pay-as-you-go schemes, partner-funded schemes and e-Car sharing schemes.


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What we do

We assist both public and private transport to reduce their environmental impact by building the infrastructure that enables electric vehicle (EV) charging.

Our Services

We offer a full turnkey solution for the EV market, including:

Feasibility studies

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Public transport
Private and public fleet
Public charging schemes

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