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As part of Donegal County Council’s public lighting works to improve lighting standards, Enerveo Ireland was engaged to design, supply, install, test, commission and act as PSCS/PSDP in upgrading an initial phase of over 800 public lighting units to LEDs. The contract will see Enerveo Ireland replace over 7,200 lights by the end of 2022.

The works were part of Donegal County Council’s initiative to improve their lighting levels across various towns and villages and to reduce energy costs. The project included initial design, proposal and a feasibility study which was approved by a Donegal County Council representative. The initial 800 upgrades were carried out on public lighting columns and ESB network poles, and included the identification of infills. Value engineering at each of the locations across various towns and villages was critical, and included national and regional roads.


As a result, the overall project provides energy savings of almost 40% whilst also improving the overall lighting levels in the areas concerned. Working in ‘live’ locations such as towns & villages, and national & regional roads, meant levels of activity and interaction were a given, but safety was paramount to the delivery of this project.

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Project Highlights

Design of the project involved a site meeting with Donegal County Council by the Designer and Contracts Manager to make sure all possible value engineering opportunities were identified at the commencement of the design stage.

Upon award of the contract, the contract delivery team structure was communicated to the Local authority to ensure the teams involved had the required qualifications and a minimum of ten years’ experience in public lighting. Stakeholder meetings were held with Donegal County Council, the ESB, the civil and electrical teams and local representatives to outline Safe Systems of Work (SSOW).

A large number of upgrades were carried out on ESB Network poles which required continued communication and co-ordination with the ESB to achieve completion of this project. A number of the projects were on a main traffic route and required co-operation with Donegal County Council and Garda to implement a suitable traffic management solution for the safe execution of the works. The overall project has so far provided energy savings of almost 40% whilst also improving the overall lighting levels in the areas concerned.

The project is on track to achieve the target of retrofitting 200 LEDs per month, achieving a total installed of 7,200 by December 2022.

Client Benefits

• 40% Energy Savings
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Improved road safety
• Improved lighting levels
• Reduction in Carbon emissions
• Assists Emergency Services

Quote marks

“Enerveo Ireland has a long track record as the public lighting maintenance contractor in Donegal. We are more than happy with the level and quality of service delivered under the current contract and previous.

Public lighting is a major element of DCC’s strategy to meet public sector energy efficiency targets and Enerveo Ireland is instrumental in those targets being met.

The percentage of LEDs in DCC’s inventory recently passed 50%, virtually all installed by Enerveo Ireland.”

Aidan Smith - Senior Executive Engineer

Donegal County Council

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